My life has been anything but linear.  Since childhood, I have put myself in places where I feel uncomfortable, where I am challenged, where the possibility of failure was real. I thrive on risk. 

I think of my work as a series of intersecting lines—of ideas and people, of technology and places, of challenges and fear.  I am driven by change, feel a duty to challenge convention, and love to wander.

In 1992 I moved Boston to work as a producer on a film.  That was the start of a career at WGBH. From there I moved on to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to work in support of content producer. In 2017 I returned to Boston and now work independently as an independent multimedia producer and consultant.

Below are some samples from my long-form documentary work.

The Americans, 1994

Co-Producer, Co-Writer

Zoo Suit Riots, 2001

Producer, Writer, Director

Remember The Alamo, 2002

Producer, Director, Writer

These days I spend some of my time at The Boston Globe, exploring the intersection of multimedia, journalism, and philanthropy. I continue to develop media projects, I am hard at work on a short book about growing up as a Mexican in America, and working on a couple of personal short films. Life is good.